Chocolate cheesecake with berries

chocolate cheesecake

Biscuit base:
125g butter + for greasing the cake pan
50g icing sugar
200g Cocoa biscuits (crushed)

Cheesecake layer:
500g mascarpone (or cream cheese)
200g sour cream
1 pack of vanilla sugar
1 (untreated) lemon grated skin
130g granulated sugar
1 dl water
50g dark, unsweetened cocoa powder
4 eggs
100g dark chocolate (chopped)

Fruity layer:
3 dl raspberry syrup
250g berries (forest fruits)
2,5 teaspoon gelatin

Biscuit base:
1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.
2. Crush the cocoa biscuits (method for example: put it in a shredder or crush trough the closed package) and mixed with powdered sugar, and then pour the melted butter into it. We compress it well if it does not stick together, then 1-2 tablespoons of water can be added.
3. Tamp into a buttered pan and bake the cake for 10 minutes in the preheated oven. Then press with a spoon back gently and let it cool.

Cheesecake layer:
4. Preheat the oven to 140 degrees.
5. Careful to avoid mixing a lot of air, mix the mascarpone/cream cheese, the sour cream, the vanilla sugar, the lemon peel and sugar, and then add the cocoa powder mixed in water and finally the whole eggs.
6. Pour it on the biscuit base and sprinkle of the dark chocolate into it.
7. Put it in the oven for 55 minutes.

Tip: If the cream has solidified on its edges and only the middle of it is gelatinous, it is ready.

Fruity layer:
8. Put the gelatine into 1 dl raspberry syrup to tumefy, then microwave it. Heat to boiling the 2 dl raspberry syrup with the berries. Then pour the gelatine mixture into it. Mix together and let it cool.
9. Pour the room temperature mix on top of the cake and placed in the refrigerator for several hours before serving.

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